Friday, December 3, 2010

Short Introduction

Hello there.  Because it can be quite difficult for beginners to learn about aquariums on the internet, I wanted to create this blog to be an all-inclusive source for the beginner fish keeper.  This is the place for you if you are thinking about getting an aquarium, are having difficulties keeping your fish alive, or if you are looking for ideas on how to get more out of the hobby.  I have seen too many people give up or never start the hobby because of bad information.  Following this blog, you will rarely have deaths, you will have healthy fish and your water will always be crystal clear.  I have been keeping fish for many years and more importantly, I have worked with many people in getting their tanks running. I know the pitfalls beginners face and I'm here to help. Much of my research has encompassed books, articles and forums; I have been reading for years and this the location where I will be dumping all my knowledge in a condensed and easy way.  Stay tuned fellas.


  1. Ive always wanted a fish tank but I was concerned about taking care of the fish. I am glad to find a resource such as this one.