Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Small update with my stock

Alright I figure I'd tell you about some of the stuff I'm currently keeping.  My fishroom is pretty much done but I do still have maybe 15 tanks sitting empty for newcomers or fry, we will see which comes first.  I like a good assortment so you'll things ranging from discus to flowerhorn to shrimp.
I've got

15 discus, blue leopard snakeskin, ica brown, hifin blue diamond.  Growing these guys out in 2 55's for now, they are probably 3-4 inches so hopefully I'll get a pair or two soon.  Got these at 1.5-2 inches a couple months ago  They are starting to get some good color and their beefing up so I'm happy.  I do 50% water changes at least 2 times a week so growing these guys is a tough job.

3 pairs of angels in 20h's.  Have a pair of dd blacks, philipine blues, and marble/golds.  It's been much too long since they've laid eggs so I've really been trying to get them in the mood, no luck yet

25 2.5" mpibwe fronts.  Got these from a local seller and I'm looking to grow them out to a few inches and probably get a good colony.  Pretty slow growers.

17 2.5-3.5 inch tropheus murago greens.  Local seller as well, they are in a 75 and hopefully I start seeing babies relatively soon.  Very active fish although I had a little trouble getting them to eat at first.  Hint: don't rush too soon to come to the conclusion that your fish is sick and start treating. It very well could be stress from the trip.

30 asst flowerhorn.  King kamfa, red dragon, thai silk, and kamalua. Got these imported from thailand at around 1 inch.  Some are pushing 3.5" now so they are growing quite fast.  Hopefully I get some winners out of this group.

SS+ red crystal shrimp.  Got these maybe 1.5 months ago and havnt seen any babies yet.  Trying to get them in breeding mode.  Hopefully I'll make some cash once they breed, they are great quality.

Other shrimp, have colonies of red cherry shrimp, snowball shrimp and blue pearls.  The cherry group is reproducing at a great rate so I'm pleased.

Failed bristlenose pleco colony.  As it turns out, it looks like I've got 5 adult male plecos.  Was really hoping a couple of these would be female.  Oh well I'll probably try to get rid of them locally and get a trio online.

Lamprologous similis.  Pretty cool shell dweller, have them in a 20 long and are pretty entertaining but very small.

Well that's pretty much it, I'll make another post regarding fish care soon enough.  Thanks for reading.